Cheri’s journey into the world of beauty started very early in life at around the age of six. As an Army wife, Cheri’s mom sold Avon to the other wives on base and Cheri was fascinated with the beige hardcase containing miniature versions of lipsticks and eyeshadows. Lucky for her, her mom hung on to those samples when the family moved to a different city and now that they were no longer needed, Cheri went to work obsessively recreating the beautiful photos in her mother’s fashion magazines. As a teenager, surrounded by creative friends, they provided her with her first encounters with fashion and portraiture photography. Cheri was the model, makeup artist and hair stylist for all of these shoots. At the age of seventeen, Cheri became a makeup artist working at an upscale department store and thus began her thirty year professional career in the beauty industry.

Having worked in most aspects of the beauty industry, from retail to catalog; advertising and editorial; film and television; festivals, awards shows and press events; women to men - Cheri has amassed a wealth of knowledge, skill and an ease with people that makes her a sought after artist.



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